janvier 04, 2023


Par Empyrean Pottery Supply
 Molding clay and making it either a piece of art for display or a dining ware for
everyday use may sometimes seem misleadingly easy based on a 30-second clip,
however as one starts off their journey into becoming a potter, they find that it
takes a lot of effort to become one, which often then discourages them to
So here I am to help make pottery easy, one step at a time.
Just like any other journey, the beginning is usually the most confusing, not
knowing which direction to go to or where to start. So, let’s start off with the basics
and make the most of what we have before spending any money.
Researching what pottery is, the different kinds of pottery and its process from
start to finish will give one an idea of what is needed in the journey of becoming a
  2.Explore different artist.
By exploring what each artist brings, one can have an idea, a source of inspiration and works towards that direction as you improve your technique.
  3.Keeping the cost low.
Knowing how to keep the cost low especially at the beginning of the journey is
crucial to not overspend on big items (wheel or kiln) or materials that you don’t manage yet.
  4.Find a teacher/mentor.
Visiting a local pottery shop and asking if they offer classes or even a one-on-one
session with one of their potters, can help in having a clear direction
on what steps to take or which technique to learn first.
  5. Room for error.
Everyone starts off as a beginner and as beginners, one should make room for
mistakes and errors. The key is to continue practicing day after day.
Now that basics are covered, the materials needed to start practicing pottery are,
Small bucket for water
Rubber/wooden rib
Trimming tool
Pottery wheel
Cut off wire
Organizer box
Stamps, stencils, and transfers for decoration.
Glazes and application tools
Kiln access
Find your tools at empyreanpottery.com
The time and patience needed to learn pottery, is no objection to the popularity that pottery is starting to gain. Thanks to social media, pottery has gained followers from all generation.
With new perspectives dominating, pottery has evolved with both design and function. However, it is not all thanks to social media that pottery has become immensely popular, it is also because of the soothing effects it brings to an individual when they follow a procedure that makes them slow down and concentrate on what they are presently working. With the fast-paced life that we live in along with the constant overload of information given to us to keep our dopamine on a high, doing pottery makes us slow down, forget about the day, be creative and relax.
With Pottery being such a widespread online, finding the materials needed is not as difficult as it was back then. Nowadays one can go online and type in “pottery supplies” and the link to a store can be found in seconds. You can also search for local artists offering ceramic / pottery classes. For complete beginners who wants to find out if pottery is for right them, joining a class is advised to save money and learn the basics. Although the cost of joining a class varies from place to place, you can expect to pay around $20 to $40 on each class and about $150 to $200+ for an 8 week course.
Tell us, how did you learn pottery?

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