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About Us

 Empyrean Pottery Supply is headquartered in the Okanagan Valley, beautiful British Columbia. We are an ecommerce business offering quality pottery supplies and design tools across Canada. 

The vision of the business is “to improve the quality of life of people by supplying innovative tools that promote creativity and to help individuals discover their creative self”.

Our goal is to inspire creative minds through the learning and exploring of new techniques as well as discovering new pottery tools. We welcome everyone that comes in search of inspiration.

 We care about people and the environment, so finding ecological friendly alternatives for pottery making is always one of our priorities.

Also, we can not forget our current world situation. Empyrean has set up a shop called “Pottery with love” The proceeds from that shop will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross to respond to the humanitarian crisis in the Ukraine.  

 We are a very small, dedicated team of humans but we try our best so you can have the best when it comes to new pottery and ceramic techniques, knowledge, and tools.
Thank you for supporting our business and sharing our passion.  
Karla & the Empyrean team







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